18. First Classes in Ireland

I gave my first classes in Ireland at the Dublin Astrological Society Hall, while on the same night and at the same time Subarata offered a class at a second venue. When we met later in the evening, I told her about two great seekers in my class who I felt would be disciples. About sixteen people came to this first course, and five of them stayed to join the path.

Our two great seekers were Mangala and Ambarish. With them there was that sense of mutual recognition so often felt when we meet those who are somehow a part of our inner family, or perhaps are meant to be – the easy familiarity of being among kindred souls. We had tea with them after the second night of classes, pizza on the fourth night, and a picnic in the Dublin hills on the following weekend. They had become our friends, and have remained so – it was as though Guru had straight away brought them to himself. The classes were the open door, God’s Hour had struck, and everything was simple.

When we told them the requirements of the path, Ambarish told me they had just bought some cartons of Chilean red wine. What to do? In a spirit of fun I told them it would be several days before Guru saw their photos for his consideration – could they drink all of their wine before that time? To their credit, they saw through my unserious remark and laughed. The bottles of Chilean wine are probably still languishing somewhere, but now in someone else’s cellar.