19. A Visit to Europe

Guru was set to personally visit Ireland during this time, and we worked hard to arrange a Peace Concert and a meeting with the Prime Minister. Everything was proceeding rather well, with concert requests flowing in each day and the classes inspiring us all. Then we had a message from Guru – would we mind if he cancelled his visit; he was deeply tired, too tired for the rigours of travel. We were all touched by the manner of the request, by Guru’s trust in us to be unperturbed and happy, by the sense of oneness and intimacy conveyed in his language. Of course we would not mind – besides, Guru was preparing himself for a much more demanding tour of several European countries where one concert alone would bring many thousands of people.

Subarata was determined that we should all go on this upcoming European adventure, and we scrambled to find enough money. I doubt we would have contemplated even the possibility of going had it not been for Subarata’s absolute confidence that it could and would happen. Faith creates reality and bends the amorphous realm of possibility to its will – it is the operation of an intelligence that senses the over-reaching Power of God and Guru, connects us to the Infinite, banishes impossibility. Her resolve swept us all along. And so, instead of our own Irish concert, we ended up attending Guru’s concerts in Paris, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest.

Returning to Dublin after our grand tour, on a crowded and jostling Paris metro we had all of our meager Ireland money stolen by clever pickpockets – we had barely enough coins left to get to the airport for our Ryan Air, home-bound flight. Passing through Irish customs, we were not asked for evidence of supporting funds during our stay, one consolation at least.