37. A Free Access

Guru commented once that our souls generally do not retain their connections with family members, friends, the countless relationships formed in each life. When it leaves the body, after some time the soul flies away like a bird, unburdened and detached and free. We seem like actors in a play, coming together for a short while on the earth-stage before retiring back to our truer world. And do we remember the many people from our past lives, those we loved, wept over, shared an entire life with? No, we do not. Sometimes, though, this truth may not apply, and there are instances of ongoing connections, karmic entanglements or deep and enduring bonds.

Guru always brought Subarata back to life for us, restoring her among the living, reminding us in talks to the New Zealanders as we stood before the opened doors of the Temple at Aspiration-Ground, or in phone calls, that she has a free access, an open door to come and go, and that really there is no death.

Guru enquired of me once how I was dealing with her absence and I replied that I still missed her, expecting consoling words. With a huge smile Guru said, “I do not miss her – I see her all the time!”

Guru said she would be in the Lap of the Supreme throughout Eternity. He composed a song for her which in translation said: “Subarata, you came into the world to blossom and reveal your God-Victory-message. Therefore your Guru shall preserve your sweetness-heart throughout Eternity.”