Subarata's Book

The following selection of stories about Subarata were written by her husband, brother and friend Jogyata Dallas.



Most of the stories in this collection recount moments and memories from the life of Guru’s disciple Subarata, who left this world in March of 2000 after a sad illness. Time often mythologises and sanctifies the lives of the departed, but in spite of her human foibles – her quick emotions and puzzling quirkiness, her famous candour, her humour and sometimes her melancholy – Subarata touched and enriched all of our lives in an overwhelmingly positive way. And the essence of the soul, that memorable, unique beauty, finally stands above and apart from the human cloak of personality to deserve our smiling praise and fond reminiscing.

Mythology might offer a truer summation of people and events after all, a capturing of some essence like a field of grapes distilled into a bottle of wine; or the painting of a golden summer, the canvas splashed with bright memorial colours without attempting the scribble of trees or clear definitions of landscape; or the perfume left in a room after the guests have all departed.

For the most part these stories and memories have been prompted by very random events – a photograph, a chance remark, reminiscing with friends or sudden “Oh! Yes!” recollections. I have tried to keep a light touch and a little humour wherever possible as well, so that these anecdotes from her life are also happy ones.

 Guru always reminded us that the past is dust, so I wonder a little at these gathered stories – why bother, why this peering back over our shoulder? I really don’t know, but perhaps if you smile a little here and there it might be enough.