A Divine Ride

Subarata always claimed she received her spiritual name before me just to provoke me a little and have some fun. Guru had both of our names on a piece of paper but the problem was, I was in New Zealand. So technically speaking, she was the first to receive her name that April when Guru bestowed this honour.

Guru tried phoning me several times in Auckland but never got through. Eventually I stayed home from work and waited. On the Big Day, I was cleaning the Centre and all the windows were wide open. Traffic noise was very loud so when the phone rang, I dived into the shoe cupboard and closed the doors. Guru was saying, "Jogyata, the right Divine, the right Supreme, the right Absolute," but I thought Guru said, "The ride Divine, the ride Supreme…" – so loud was the outside noise. I liked the idea of being the 'ride divine' very much, but somehow it didn't feel right, so I phoned a New York friend to check.

Guru said, "right Divine, right Divine! Didn't he hear me?" So I became Jogyata the 'right divine' after a brief spell as Jogyata the 'ride divine', and about three days after Subarata became 'The message, soulful and perfect, from the Highest Height to inspire mankind.' Subarata sometimes would pull rank on me and claim that her spiritual name was far loftier than mine – I would smile smugly and say that since I was divinely and supremely right about everything, I hardly need reply to that!

    – Jogyata.