Chinmoy's Angels

Chinmoy's AngelsIn 1983 Guru invited us to open a Centre in New Zealand. Guru said, "Don't worry about money, the Supreme will always enable you to come to New York once or twice a year for our festivities."

I arrived in New Zealand two weeks before Subarata and rented a cheap car at the airport, sleeping the first night or two in the car on the top of one of the city's seven dormant volcanoes, Mt Eden. I found a small flat and a job, and then Subarata joined me.

We were very poor and for a long time had to walk and bus everywhere. Eventually we got pushbikes. We felt like religious mendicants on a mission from God, pedaling around Auckland with our books and class equipment.

One or two years later we graduated to motorbikes and called ourselves "Chinmoy's Angels", a divine motorcycle gang. Finally, on the eve of Guru's first visit, we bought our first car.

    – Jogyata.