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Subarata CunninghamA number of years have gone by since she left us but not a day goes by when we don't think of her. Much more than that, it's as though she is somehow a part of us – I personally feel that what I am now is somehow a compound of us both. Because of this feeling I have left everything of hers as it was when she walked out of our small place for the last time. We used to always look around and say goodbye to our place each time we traveled, knowing that we might be here for the last time. So everything is just the same – her clothes, shrine, her teddy bears and things.

Sri Chinmoy once said that the secret of life is that there is no death – the undying soul simply moves on to its next experience. How often he tells us "she is alive, she is alive, she is helping you, inspiring you, urging you forward..." and this coupled with the actual feeling of her in our lives makes her living presence such a reality. And among her friends, so many dreams and visitations!

I once privately lamented to myself that I never have 'experiences' of Subarata but Sri Chinmoy said to me, as though reading my mind, "Do not look for her around you, she is inside you – she is in you, with you and for you." So these Subarata reminiscences and tales are not a memorial but a part of her ongoing life and her ongoing contribution and inspiration to our lives, too.
        – Jogyata.


Subarata's Book



Jogyata wrote a book about his experiences and reminscences with his wife Subarata.

These stories give an excellent introduction to the character, achievements and experiences of Subarata.

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The name Subarata means "The Message soulful and perfect from the Heightest Height to inspire mankind." – and indeed Subarata's life could be summed up in those words. Each soul comes to earth to offer something unique to the world. Subarata offered inspiration wherever she went and touched the lives of many – not only within the Sri Chinmoy Centre and through meditation classes but also through many other activities and initiatives that she was involved with around the world. Below are links to articles by various people who have been inspired by her words and deeds over the years.