Stories from Sutibra

When Subarata passed on, I had not long been a member of the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre – although before I moved to Auckland, I had spent a lot of time with her.

Thanks to you Subarata!

Subarata – all smiles in New YorkMy family and I came to Sri Chinmoy's path in New Plymouth and soon after moved to Hamilton. Subarata would often come to both of those towns to give classes and we would also see her on joy-weekends and during our frequent visits to Auckland. I clearly remember the fun and inspiring times that I had with Subarata in those days.

Subarata could always make me laugh and the most vivid and clear memories of her for me are of her laughing – tears rolling down her cheeks while she is telling a story and trying to get the words out. She had such a great sense of humour. The smallest and simplest life-experiences were funny to her.

Just before Subarata died I had a really beautiful, happy and vivid dream. My prayer for Subarata while she was dying was that she would be happy. Although I had not been in the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre long enough to develop an attachment to her – I was very fond of her.

In my dream she came to me and hugged me. (I was surprised – Subarata did not like hugs at all). She led me down a corridor of flowers and fruits and colour and abundance, and into a room. We danced and were so filled with joy. I remember clearly we did not have to stay dancing on the ground we could do flips and fly and jump high and everything. That dream was such a happy experience that I woke up feeling really joyful. I thought she would live but that day found out that Subarata had passed away. It was so sad for everyone in the Centre but I was pleased because I knew Subarata was happy – somehow I could only be sad for those left behind – but not for Subarata – she was joy filled of this I had no doubt at all. Guru has since indicated that Subarata has free access to both worlds and that she can visit Guru whenever she wishes – no wonder she was so happy. Good for you Subarata – you deserve this privilege!

I often feel Subarata – in the classes, when I am talking to someone new, or in the meditation room. So often in meditation classes something happens that is a little amusing or funny and for no particular reason I think of Subarata and can almost hear her quick witted comments and often while looking after the seekers I think what would Subarata have said here? And there has been the odd time I have said something and thought, "My God that sounds like Subarata!"

I am so grateful to the Supreme for having the experiences I had with Subarata and for having her as a centre and country leader and I am so grateful to have had the experience in my dream with her before she died.

    – Sutibra.