Runners Are Smilers

One of the great photos of Subarata was taken at our very first two mile race, called 'Runners Are Smilers'. We had invited the local media to cover the inaugural race and arranged to meet a reporter in the park beforehand.

NewspapersAlas, on our way to the start we argued over something and Subarata was mad. We greeted the reporter and as he set up his camera I whispered to Subarata, "For God’s sake be in a good consciousness!" She was furious and retorted, "You just shut up!" At that precise moment the reporter snapped his shot, capturing a belligerent Subarata glaring at me with undisguised malice.

The photo appeared in the local paper next day with the caption 'Runners Are Smilers' underneath. Even now, years later, on dull evenings, disciples often say, "Let’s see the photo," and we bring it out for everyone's amusement. It always brings a smile to our heart.

    – Jogyata.