A Tribute To Subarata

SubarataA tribute to Subarata Cunningham's life and accomplishments.

Subarata's Name...

The name Subarata was offered to her by Sri Chinmoy and means:

"The message soulful and perfect from the highest height
to inspire mankind."

In Brief...

Subarata was born in Waterford, Ireland and migrated to New Zealand in the mid 1970s. She was involved in every aspect of the Sri Chinmoy in New Zealand – from humble beginnings in 1983 through to the present day. Even in her physical absence, Subarata's standards, her level of dedication and her inspiration are felt by everyone and remain a foundation stone for our Centres. Subarata had a tremendous love for and devotion to the spiritual life and her spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy.

Some of Subarata's personal accomplishments...

  • She arrived in Auckland, after spending three years in the Adelaide Sri Chinmoy Centre, on October 20th 1983, joining her Kiwi husband Jogyata to establish a meditation centre in New Zealand.
  • She taught meditation to countless thousands of people around New Zealand and overseas, and encouraged and inspired thousands of people.
  • Subarata adn Jogyata established the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Dublin in March of 1998.
  • Subarata appeared on television, radio and printed media to encourage people about meditation and spirituality.
  • She founded the Hi-Fliers, a children's entertainment enterprise, which funded many projects and still exists today. (See: Send In The Clowns)
  • In 1985 she finished the DB Ironman Triathlon in Auckland and was one of only two women finishers in her category, after racing in numerous smaller triathons.
  • She finished a 24 hour race in 1987.
  • She was a consistent place-getter in almost every 12 hour walk she entered.
  • She ran in 3 x 700 mile races (1991, 1996 and 1998) completing the third one three hours before the thirteen day cut-off. She ran a 7 day race in May 1992 and completed 361 miles (see: Subarata's Run of Faith).
  • She was ranked 2nd best ultra-marathoner of the 20th century in New Zealand by the New Zealand Ultra-Runners Association.

In the 45 years of Subarata's special life, she touched and inspired the lives of thousands of people and ignited a love of spirituality in everyone she met.


Measured were your words.
Unmeasured were your ideas.
Unmeasurable were your heart-beauty's
And supremely fruitful
Were your mind-profundity's

    – Sri Chinmoy.