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SubarataI love saris, which is great because I wear one everyday at The Blue Bird vegetarian café and for meditation nights at the Auckland Sri Chinmoy Centre. On my birthdays I always look forward to receiving one or two new additions to my collection. This year was no different...

Subarata had a special talent for giving the perfect gift.

Sometime after Subarata had returned to the soul's world, Jogyata offered some of her friends her saris and blouses. At this time I chose a beautiful gold and ivory blouse and, although I had never seen the matching sari, I took the blouse and wore it once or twice with other saris I owned. Quite often when I saw the blouse in my draw, I would say to Subarata, "What ever happened to the matching sari?"

This year, on my birthday, my family and I were at the Sri Chinmoy Centre meditating and rehearsing two of Sri Chinmoy's songs for a performance the following night. Jogyata came through from our meditation class room with a beautiful gold and ivory sari (Yes, the matching one!) and asked if I would like to have one of Subarata's saris as a gift. He said he felt that Subarata would like me to have it.

I immediately accepted and joyfully wore it the following evening to meditation.

This experience gave me a sweet feeling in my heart that Subarata still has the special talent for spoiling those who love her from above.

Thank you Subarata.

    – Prageeti.

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