Stories from Liz

Just recently I found myself in quite a dilemma and the more I thought about it the more confused I got as to what was the right thing to do. I was continually asking Sri Chinmoy for guidance.

My Experiences With Subarata

Subarata PR89On December 5 during our Sunday meditation someone was silently talking to me, suggesting what I should do and why. I knew it could only be Subarata due to the nature of the conversation so I tentatively said her name. At the same time my mind was saying I was imagining it. The next moment Subarata said something and I knew it was her.

The following day I did what she requested. There are no words to adequately describe Subarata's childlike joy and delight that I experienced at the time while she was floating past smiling and laughing. Shortly after my mind came to the fore and she disappeared. That afternoon, as I was feeling sad about this, I saw us both running up a long road and once again I felt her delight. My single thought at that time was "we're children".

A few days later Subarata once again 'visited me' with specific instructions which I carried out. Here I must add that by fulfilling her requests I am hastening my own soul's progress. I was laughing and she kept wafting past and I could feel her merriment at the same time as my mind was screaming at me. I rubbed my hand over my forehead, and I think I sighed, and there was Sri Chinmoy smiling at me. Shortly afterwards I experienced what I can only describe as Subarata's purity, warmth, softness and sweetness.

I hope some of you will find my story inspirational – when she is around everything seems so funny. That's what I like best about her – her humour. You don't have to have been on the path for years to have an experience with her. I know that because I never met her.

    – Liz.