Messages from the Soul’s World

Because the soul is deathless, and because of the eternal nature of the Guru-disciple bond, it is not surprising that Guru would have a continuing relationship with “departed” disciples and share with us their messages intended for their spiritual family still on earth. With Guru the principal intermediary, their words, admonitions and insights have often come to us from various planes in the soul’s world, and their utterances have always sought to make us more deeply value this rare and precious incarnation with a realised Master and intensify our aspiration. I remember messages from quite a few of our departed members – and then, too, there have been the many observations and pronouncements from long-departed spiritual Masters.

Guru spoke of Heaven and earth as two adjoining rooms very close to each other, the veil between them always parting in response to aspiration, devotion, sincere prayer, intensity in meditation, God-love and genuine faith. When I was a new disciple on an early trip to Celebrations, during a circus practice in a nearby college gymnasium Guru was composing songs using words spoken by Christ. At one point Guru called for a halt to the various activities and requested us to meditate with him, directing our attention very specifically to one of the lights high up on the ceiling. I could not see anything there but felt something unusual. After the meditation was over, Guru told us of Christ’s presence there, recounting his conversation with Christ and Christ’s happiness at hearing his words set to music and sung with such pure devotion. Christ was very pleased with Guru’s songs and Guru’s disciples.

Among the disciple message-bringers from the soul’s world, Subarata features, too. In mid-March 2000, a month after her earth-departure, the following lines were given out to everyone in New York, her message intended for us all and relayed through Guru:

“My Absolute Lord Supreme!
It is a very rare privilege
To feel and say
That my Master is always right,
Not only for me
But also for the entire humanity.”