Time Mythologises

Time mythologises and sanctifies our departed Centre family members, those who helped us along the Path but are no longer living amongst us – and so we forget their trials and struggles. But like us all, Subarata too had her battles. Her Irish temperament often led her to quite extreme decisions and actions, many of which revealed both her own impetuousness and Guru's disarming love.

On one bleak occasion she wrote to Guru while both of us were in New York, announcing she had decided to leave the Path. Guru called her down in front of him and said: "Since you have decided to leave my path, I shall also leave My Path and join your path." Tears sprang to Subarata's eyes and then she started to laugh, all her problems suddenly gone away. Guru always knew exactly how to win back her eager heart, and how in simple ways to convey the force of a timeless love.

    – Jogyata.