Stories from Suchana

The spiritual life is full of unforgettable surprises. Subarata surprised me deeply the first time I met her at a function in Jamaica, New York, many years ago.

Gifts from my sister Subarata

Subarata the RunnerI still see her clearly there – going around the meditation hall in a function break during our annual celebrations. She was happily collecting some money for a special project and was selling pretty bracelets that she and the Auckland centre members had made themselves. When she came near me and showed me her collection, I didn't have enough money to get one. But Subarata quickly chose one of them and smilingly said to me, "This one is for you!"

A golden-ruby bracelet fell into my hands and I could hardly thank her. I didn't even know her name at that time – feeling at the same time her intense love and identification, the way a good mother feels one with her children. Later that night, my friend Malati told me who she was and I was reminded of Subarata's photo published by the 'Self-Transcendence Magazine' after she had finished the 700-mile race – the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Ultra-distance competition that is held in New York every year.

We hadn't seen each other for a long time – until Sri Chinmoy visited Brazil and Paraguay on a Christmas Trip. I had decided to go to Curitiba for my birthday in January of 2000, and enjoy my spiritual Master's presence on that special date. I was invited to the function hall by Pranika, Nishtha and Bigalita to celebrate my birthday there. As I was walking down the stairs, a cute rolling white mouse came towards me! Just in front of me Subarata had pushed it ahead as a nice birthday welcome and offered her toy to me.

Subarata's photo with her running shoes gives me utmost inspiration. This is her invitation to an ever joyful and refreshing opportunity to change our life into a better and more fulfilling life of peace and progress.

Dearest Subarata – you are so great and so good! So great for your earthly efforts and so good for your soul's self-giving company.

With a Gratitude Heart,
    – your sister Suchana in Argentina.